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Why is email and data security essential to any business?

Great companies hold in their hands one of the most valuable data one can have

which is: customer information. Imagine if this information were to be leaked; Millions of people’s safety compromised, money in bank accounts could be drained in seconds, and all the possibilities that can happen with unauthorized access. Email security is the solution to keeping sensitive information in emails and accounts secure. Electronic mails is a popular way of spreading malware and viruses by sending out deceptive click bait spam messages that contain hyperlinks and attachments that installs malware in one’s device allowing unauthorized access to valuable company data or the enterprise’s company network.

Email and data security is essential for both individual and most especially business email accounts. Due to the abundance of spam emails used as an attack, it is important that business companies and enterprises ensure and have their email accounts secured against common attacks. Malware found in email attacks can cause quite a big damage, phishing emails sent to working employees may contain designed malware in the attachments that are capable of seeming like true or original document. These attachments often contain hyperlinks that will automatically redirect you to a new website that serve malware. It is just with one click with this malware that compromises all the data and devices.

Phishing emails are used to get sensitive information such as financial information and personal information as well by tricking you that the sender is from a legitimate business company or even one of your trusted contacts. Phishing that attacks that target business enterprises head for departments that handle all the valuable information. Phishing emails aim to steal information asking users to enter passwords along with their login information, financial information such as bank account information, credit card information, as well as social security numbers.

Here are some ways best practiced to protect your enterprise's emails and data: It is best to make to make your employees aware about such attacks and to be alert. Educate one’s employees about email and data security, and how one becomes a victim of these kind of attacks. Equipping your employees with knowledge on how to protect oneself from risky emails will have already made a great impact on reducing company risk.

Another is that employees should be required to use strong passwords and require a change at least every 10 weeks. Have webmail applications be able to ensure secure logins and use encryption. It is also important to make use of email encryption protecting the content of the email including its attachments. Make use of scanners and other tools that are capable of scanning messages and automatically filtering out and blocking emails that contain malicious files and malware before they reach your users. It would also be a good security practice to have employees bring their own device “BYOD” (Bring Your Own Device) if the enterprise allows them to access their corporate email on personal devices.

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