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Managed Desktop Backups; Do I need them?

Recently my vendor has released a service for Online Backup that will keep your desktop data safe. On an individual machine basis you can backup just one folder or many folders and your tech will be able to ensure success. Traditional backup solutions backup only the central server. This is adequate if your network users are saving ALL their stuff to the server drives like they have been told for year to do. Years of providing technical support to business users has shown that less than half the users save their work product to the server consistently. Hard drives fail and viruses and malware are all over the internet and email. It is not "if" you will get infected or have a disk crash it's "when". Why not add that little extra safety net and backup those important folders on your desktop. Most documents folders are small but many hours have gone into the work to create these files. For less than .50 cents per GB you can backup these folders to the cloud each day. This capability is already installed on your computers. Ask me about this new service and give it a try soon. I spend my time thinking about solutions that will better serve my clients and users and this is one of the best offerings I have seen in a long while.

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