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How should you address unwanted popups in your web browser?

Lately I have been dealing with many suspected viruses on my clients machines. To make them feel safe & important I take the time to remote in to the respective computer and check the problem. Its almost always a simple script initiating a advertisement or potentially unsafe box. This in and of itself is not anything to worry about. That being said, DO NOT CLICK on anything in that box. This is a easy way for a malicious malware to set in to your machine. It's simple to address the popup but not as simple to resolve the issue "post click". Simply right click your mouse cursor into the Windows bar at the bottom of the screen where your Windows button is and select Start Task Manager. Click on the Applications tab, you will see all your running application here. Click on the "task", all the task that have your preferred browser logo beside them and once highlighted you will click the End Task button at the bottom of the Task Manager. Repeat this until all browser windows have closed. Now you can back out of and save anything you were working on and reboot your computer.

After your computer has rebooted and you have logged back in I always go into the control panel and "internet options" and delete all temporary internet files and set all my settings back to the defaults just in case the script made any changes to my browser settings.

This is just a small thing I run into several times a day but I hope it can help someone help themselves. God Bless

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